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CMiC xProjects

CMiC xProjects combines Project Management and Project Controls to create an integrated project delivery (IPD) ecosystem that enables seamless collaboration between multiple project stakeholders and capital project owners.

The xProjects solution can either be deployed as an on-premise solution - i.e. using the client's hardware - or as a SaaS service via

The CMiC project ecosystem facilitates collaboration and sharing of public data between project stakeholders while allowing each party to maintain control over private data

CMiC xProjects advances IPD by introducing project based licensing. On a per project basis, each stakeholder will be able to run the configuration of CMiC’s award winning Project Management and Project Control modules best suited to their needs. The absence of a centralized database ensures that each stakeholder owns their data, and can differentiate between private data and data to be shared within the ecosystem. Users have the option to have both private and public data hubs so they never lose ownership of sensitive data.

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For IT

CMiC Real Time Integration (RTI) is a key component of X Project’s electrified IPD environment. RTI enables communication between stakeholder systems using Extensible Mark-up Language (XML), a computer language that tags data so it can be transferred bi-directionally between users within the ecosystem with no loss of information or the need for re-entry. When project information is sent from one system to another, both databases are updated, ensuring that project data is always up to date across the board and facilitating collaboration between team members. RTI also transforms data from one system language to another, so a GC's Invoice automatically becomes an owner's contractor request for payment. The result is a ‘project centric’ atmosphere that gets the most out of each team member, maximizes efficiencies throughout the project lifecycle, and maximizes an owner’s ROI.

Stakeholder Collaboration Evolved

Real time integration across a cloud based network of project stakeholders eliminates interoperability problems associated with IPD

For Project Owners

Project owners need to be able to see into the capital project black box, but don’t always need every single feature built into their Project Management and Project Controls solution. xProjects was developed so project owners can run a light version of CMiC Project Management and Project Controls, instead of the same CMiC configuration as more heavily involved project stakeholders. With project based licensing, owners now have even more flexibility; licenses allow owners to run xProjects for the duration any given project, and at the end of the project, the license will expire.

For General Contractors

xProjects significantly lowers project delivery costs for general contractors, making them more competitive. A general contractor no longer needs to manually enter data into the project owner's system because each system within the xProjects ecosystem is linked by CMiC RTI. Furthermore, xProjects allows a general contractor to tell the project owner which software modules are required for a given project and which ones aren't. Empowering contractors allows them to lower software costs for the Owner, which improves the owner - contractor relationship.

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