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xCloud is CMiC's powerful enterprise cloud services platform. Introduced to give CMiC users even greater flexibility, xCloud is an elastic, multi-tenant cloud environment protected by cutting edge security features.

'+ xCloud' explains the concept that CMiC gives our clients the option to harness the power of cloud computing when deploying our products. With  xCloud, CMiC users can:

  • Run a SaaS version of CMiC Open Enterprise v10x
  • Run a SaaS version of CMiC xProjects
  • Virtualize their disaster recovery environment
  • Eliminate barriers to innovation in their organization

CMiC xCloud - Future Proof

SaaS versions of CMiC software drastically reduce the need for in-house servers, additional hardware and system administration. The ability to access solutions on-demand, on an as-needed basis results in lower costs relative to in house systems. Furthermore, reduced reliance on in-house IT assets gives organizations the agility to respond quickly to changing market needs, internal demands, and the arrival of new technologies. Cloud systems and virtualization are important steps towards becoming future proof.

Innovate : Safely

Clients will be able to use CMiC xCloud as their disaster recovery environment. The xCloud environment will offer secure offsite replication, and in the event of a disaster, will be scalable to accommodate userís increased requirements during a crisis. Users will also be able to use xCloud as their production environment. CMiC Tools 2.0, an Oracle ADF rapid application development tool set for developing b2b enterprise applications, will be available via xCloud and will eliminate existing barriers to innovation by giving greater numbers of users the opportunity to build custom applications and functionality.

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