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White Papers and Case Studies

After a few years of using CGC, the Paric Coporation found that it lacked the functionality and integration required to power this General Contractor and  Construction Manager to the next level.  The search for a better solution that could fulfill the company's needs led Paric to choose CMiC.

Read the full version of Paric: A Living Solution


xCloud is CMiC's powerful enterprise cloud services platform. Introduced to give CMiC users even greater flexibility, xCloud is an elastic, multi-tenant cloud environment protected by cutting edge security features.

To learn more about xCloud, read CMiC xCloud: Leverage Technology to Create a Seamless, Connected IPD Team



Webcor Builders, a U.S. subsidiary of the Obayashi Corporation, is using CMiC Real Time Integration to improve the quality of its project management across multiple projects.

Read the full version of Webcor: Expanding the Project Ecosystem with CMiC Real Time Integration


PC Construction, one of the nationís largest employee-owned contractors, gains efficiencies by integrating financials, project management and CRM with CMiC software.

Read the full version of PC Construction: An All-Inclusive System 

A leading full-service provider based in Dallas, TX,  with nearly a century of experience, Beck found that using an integrated system, CMiC, led to efficiencies that the company didnít have with their previous three separate systems.

Read the full version of PC Construction: An All-Inclusive System

The Partners at Govan Brown + Associates, a full service construction manager based in Toronto, knew that technology would be key in helping the company attain the next level of growth. Govan Brown + Associates found a common philosophy of technological innovation with CMiC. Two years after choosing CMiC, Govan Brown + Associates more than doubled in revenue.

Read the full version of Govan Brown: The Competitive Difference


After using CMiC for a number of years to help improve efficiency, The Layton Companies developed an innovation that allows for greater access to information for concrete projects.

Prior to CMiC, Colorado-based construction firm Gerald H. Phipps had relied on a set of disconnected systems to help manage the growing, $200 million General Contractor/Construction Management business and found that the lack of integration was holding the company back from reaching its full potential.  After implementing CMiC, Gerald H. Phipps decides to try CMiC Collaboration Manager on its largest project yet and sees impressive results






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