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Turn Data Into Real Time Information

A construction project is overflowing with data – data from project managers, data from subcontractors, data from the accounting department, equipment and labor data, daily journals, meeting minutes, invoices – and the challenge is to turn this data into useful information that can be used to make business decisions. CMiC Project Management, a pillar of CMiC Open Enterprise v10, is an essential tool that helps your organization manage the flow of data from a project and convert it into useful, real-time information.


Managing all the actors involved in a project is essential to success, and your organization needs a software system that provides a full-feature, on-line collaborative portal that enables all project stakeholders to communicate in real-time.  Vital pieces of project information, such as RFIs, can be sent and received within moments, keeping the project moving ahead.  Protected by a security matrix, the collaborative portal should be integrated with the financial and project control systems, so all of the information can be stored by project or across projects, eliminating the need for multiple data entry and ensuring data integrity.


A large project means multiple stakeholders sending communications, and the larger risk for communications to be misplaced and/or delayed. Workflows in your software system should ensure that the right communication gets to the right person, and the system should allow you to track the information flow, so decision makers keep up to date on all developments. Decrease the chance of any communication being misplaced by having a database robust enough to store all communications, and keep them secure for future reference.


Another method to turn all the data involved in a construction project into useful information is to manage all project related documents, from planning to closeout.  A robust system, such as CMiC Project Management, gives you the ability to manage all versions of revised documents, including CAD files and photos, so changes can be easily tracked.  Project executives can also track bonding, lien waivers and manage the close out documents, so the company can transition to the next project smoother and more efficiently.  The ability to access any document at any time allows executives to change data into information and detect project anomalies early enough to offer course corrections. 


Knowing the status of a project at any given time is essential, and your construction software system should allow you to receive an up-to-date snapshot of the project’s progress by sending real-time information from the site to the head office. Executives can then have a clear picture of the project, predict the next development and provide contingencies for any sudden changes. Armed with this real-time information, executives can generate productivity trends and implement standard practices of success to be carried onward to the next project.


More importantly, to turn raw project data into useful information, your project management system should be fully integrated with the financial and project control system. Fully integrated means that all systems run on a single, scalable database, without the need for data bridges or workarounds.  With this approach, data is entered once and accessible by all departments across the organization, eliminating the need for multiple data entry and increasing data integrityCMiC Open Enterprise v10 is the only fully integrated construction system that has been designed to handle the unique business needs of the industry, and is the only software package that can turn data into real-time information.




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