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Specialty Contractors

CMiC understands that the needs of a specialty contractor can change hourly, daily or from job to job. Whatever the case, two things remain constant:

1. Each job needs to be forecasted accurately and the right people need to be at the right place at the right time.
2. Communication needs to be maintained between all parties involved on the project and communications need to be tracked and recorded.  

CMiC's advanced
Forecasting module simplifies the forecasting process and Communication Management includes the tracking and reporting functionality outlined above. CMiC Open Enterprise addresses the unique business needs of specialty contractors with advanced tools that manage labor and materials and grant greater control over finances. In particular, the system's end user customization capabilities make it easy for speciality contractors to adapt the systems to their ever changing specifications.

Although the administration process is often as time intensive as the job itself, your organization needs to focus on its core function and not on maintaining IT systems.

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