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Procurement to Payment

For subcontracts, follow integrated process #4, Payment Management/Compliance up to point of posting subcontract pay request


For purchase orders:

  1. Create requisition (optional)
  2. Create PO from:
    1. Requisition
    2. Manually
    3. As a release against a blanket PO
  3. Electronic routing - enabled by client-specific Workflow process - for review and approval
  4. Post purchase order
  5. Receive against PO
  6. Post receipts
  7. Process vendor invoice and complete 3-way match (PO Receipt Invoice) either:
    1. Manually
    2. Using CMiC Imaging and Workflow
  8. Run edit list to review data
  9. Post vendor invoice

The following applies to both subcontractor requests for payment and invoices linked to purchase orders:
    1. Create payment selection
    2. Run cash requirements report
    3. Review / Update held invoices
    4. Modify / Refine selected items to be paid (i.e. joint checks, partial payments)
    5. Prepare checks
    6. Print checks
    7. Post check run