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Our Technology

DBA Services

CMiC has taken the integrated approach to the next level by offering CMiC DBA, a support program for CMiC clients. With CMiC Enterprise DBA, clients now enjoy premium technical support services that allow your organization to focus on your core competency. 

The Advantages of CMiC Enterprise DBA

  • Cost-effective and flexible extension of your internal technical team
  • No training costs, downtime or loss of efficiency due to the loss of an internal DBA
  • No Oracle retraining costs with the release of each Oracle database version upgrade
  • Proactive database maintenance through performance monitoring and reporting. Allows for the identification of problems before your system fails
  • Minimized database downtime
  • Accelerated problem resolution when issues do arise
  • Maximized database efficiency increasing effectiveness of CMiC software and your employees
  • Safety net for end users 


Hosting Services

CMiC Hosting is an innovative service offering that allows your IT staff to focus on 'information', not 'technology'. Our advanced host hardware configuration allows users to run full-service, hosted versions of CMiC's solutions.

CMiC Hosting Services is monitored by our experienced and knowledgeable technical services staff and the systems are maintained in professional data centers, stored in multiple sites across North America for backup and disaster recovery purposes.


CMiC Hosting Services Features:

  • Enterprise DBA services
  • 24/7 system monitoring and support
  • Single point of contact
  • Biennial version upgrades
  • Automatic installation of patches


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