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Our Support and Services

CMiC Support

CMiC understands the unique needs of the industry and caters our solutions to increase our client's productivity and enhance efficiency.  With over 35 years in the business, CMiC recognizes that our power relies on the strength of our clients. Our commitment to deliver the best software for the AEC industry is matched by our commitment to also provide the best service.


CMiC is proud to offer CMiC 360° Customer Service, the total solution for all of our client's support and service needs. CMiC 360° Customer Service utilizes feedback loops and open channels of communication in order to provide the highest quality of service.  CMiC 360° Customer Service focuses on creating transformational value to our software solution and provide proactive and transparent support and service delivery that strengthens our relationships with our valuable clients.


CMiC Services

Technical Services
The Technical Services team at CMiC is on-site to carry out the installation and configuration of the system and network infrastructure, ensuring it is fully operational. CMiC Technical Services has the know-how to design your database while handling the integration, data conversion, and interface with your systems.


Implementation Services
CMiC Implementation Services team combines their technical expertise and knowledge of your business environment, ensuring the smooth integration of CMiC’s technology into your processes and systems. Drawing upon their wealth of experience, they are able to anticipate and quickly resolve issues as they arise. Our team will make sure the knowledge and skills required to optimally run your system are transferred to your people


CMiC Client Portal

The CMiC 360° Customer Service Portal serves as the communications hub between CMiC and the client community. 

This members-only website allows users to:


•  Enter software-related issues
•  Track the status of issues using an interactive dashboard
•  Access valuable metrics about issues that help your business work better
•  Download technical manuals and handbooks
•  Collaborate with other members of the client community about business  
   processes and best practices in the CMiC Wiki
•  Research historical issues through the CMiC Knowledge Base
•  Receive the latest news about CMiC, the client community and the industry at large


Contact Us

North America: 416.736.0123

Australia: 61.2.9238.1930


Singapore: +65.6866.3222

Global: 011.1.416.736.0123