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Our Partners

CMiC has formed relationships with some industry leaders to provide our clients with the most innovative and comprehensive technological solutions.  Alongside with its technology partners, CMiC has solutions to match every level of the project, from design and pre-construction to the final stages.


The construction payment management process is riddled with inefficiencies, the most glaring being the amount of paper generated during the process. Textura connects all stakeholders electronically and shifts construction payment management online, increasing speed and lowering costs.


The CMiC - Textura interface seamlessly embeds Textura into the CMiC solution, enhancing an already powerful software system thanks to bi-directional upgrading. Change orders from CMiC to Textura and subcontractor invoices and payments uploads from CMiC to Textura are performed seamlessly. The interface eliminates the need for a general contractor to perform subcontractor invoice data entry.


To learn more about Textura and the CMiC - Textura partnership, please visit Textura


CMiC's Real Time Integration adapter for Kofax eliminates the need to enter invoices and documents manually, freeing up considerable time in the accounts payable process and reducing the amount of paperwork required.

Using the Kofax capture platform, users scan documents and imaging/recognition engines extract vital project information, including invoice amounts and dates. The information is subsequently validated and stored in the system.CMiC Imaging and Workflow verifies the import and routes the document to the appropriate parties for approval. Users also have to option to upgrade to Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), for intelligent automation of classification and extraction.

To learn more about Kofax and CMiC's Real Time Integration adapter for Kofax, please visit Kofax

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