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Next Generation Scheduling

Scheduling plays a critical role on any construction project and all parties involved on a project spend considerable time thinking about how to enhance the use of time. From a software perspective, the concept of allowing scheduling to be fully integrated with the project supply chain is a Holy Grail for many. A key requirement of achieving the aforementioned Holy Grail is the presence of a single, central software environment. Unfortunately, the scheduling status quo has long involved external, 3rd party systems.

Next generation scheduling refers to systems that fully integrate scheduling into the enterprise system and give users embedded, construction specific scheduling functionality that replaces the need for third party scheduling systems. As a result, plans and schedules can now finally be fully integrated with budgets and cost in an advanced critical path solution. Compatibility with existing systems is not compromised. CMiC’s new and improved scheduling system can open up MS Project schedules and import Primavera schedules. Furthermore, as a 100% web based product with no plug-in requirements, CMiC Scheduling 2.0 can be used from any PC in the world.

Next-gen scheduling also allows users to create project baselines and update existing baselines. Because they are fully embedded in a change management tool, potential change items and approved change orders are available to update budgets and create new forecasted schedules when approved. In the case of CMiC Scheduling 2.0, full integration extends to CMiC Human Capital Management and CMiC Customer Relationship Management for resource scheduling and soft allocation of resources respectively.

CMiC Scheduling 2.0 makes CMiC a true '5D' construction software platform. Because it is built directly into the project operations stack, Scheduling 2.0 allows users to create cost loaded schedules automatically. Also, thanks to tight integration with BIM models, a user can now look at a room in a building, within a larger project on a particular day and know how much it costs at that particular time. Information on what materials will be used, who will be there, how much it will cost and how much revenue is earned on a given day is all housed in the same area where users currently do their budgeting and forecasting. This '5D' approach gives contractors a real-time understanding of where they stand with regards to cost and schedule, and therefore, facilitates on time, within budget project execution.

CMiC Scheduling 2.0 supports drag-and-drop interfaces and is integrated with CMiC Time Phased Budgeting and Forecasting for project budgeting and cost loading of a schedule. The tight integration with submittal tracking means that new activities and dates entered into the system automatically update the submittal log. Put simply, CMiC Scheduling 2.0 is the most efficient scheduling solution for users running the CMiC construction technology stack because it is tightly integrated with and embedded in every business process and best of all, your IT department no longer needs to build bridges.

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