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General Contractor / Construction Manager

Leveraging over 35 years of experience working closely with the largest and most technologically progressive General Contractors/Construction Managers in North America, CMiC developed CMiC Open Enterprise v10, the only fully integrated software solution designed to meet the unique needs of the construction industry.


CMiC software solutions store all mission critical information on a single, scalable database, which improves the accessibility, reliability and flow of information for a GC/CM. Project Managers can enter current information directly from the jobsite using a web enabled mobile device and send project data to the head office, where project executives can immediately access that information and make informed business decisions.


CMiC understands that every minute wasted on a construction project can have a negative impact on a project's bottom line. As such, CMiC software is designed to eliminate non-value added tasks such as duplicate data entry, allowing your employees to focus on high valuable activities.


Every aspect of CMiC software has been designed with the unique needs of the GC/CM in mind. CMiC's strong grounding in finance enabled us to develop powerful financial applications that increase efficiency and cut waste from financial processes such as job billing and job costing. CMiC's experience in the GC/CM industry has taught us that progressive organizations need to increase collaboration with subcontractors, owners and vendors; the flexible, open infrastructure of CMiC Open Enterprise v10 allows users to create connections with outside systems and increase communication within their organization.


In an increasingly competitive field, CMiC provides the software solutions that a GC/CM needs to boost productivity and lower overhead costs.

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