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Financial Budget to Financial Statements


    • You are using FMW
    • FMW has been implemented and configured
    • You have created hierarchies and views to facilitate budgeting and report writing processes
      • This can be done either centrally (i.e. corporate) or otherwise (i.e. division, department)

    1. Select budget version and editing view
    2. Add notes where appropriate to document budgeting requirements for a specific item (i.e. formulas, considerations, etc.)
    3. Create budget for each element combination (ex. Company / Department /Account) and distribute over required time frame

Financial Statements
    1. Create financial statement report (i.e. Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow)
    2. Define control information
    3. Security (if required)
    4. Cosmetics (i.e.  font styles, logos, shading)
    5. Define page specifications
    6. Selection criteria
    7. Layout
    8. Printing
    9. Distribution
    10. Define report components
    11. Header / Footer
    12. Rows
    13. Columns
    14. Drill down levels
    15. Cells
    16. Assign reports to folders (i.e. Financials, Management, Operations)
    17. Execute report either on a predefined schedule or on demand
    18. Provide FMW Viewer to all end users for access to reports