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Estimate to Job Cost Budget


Job Budget Creation is the process of updating the system with information about a job being estimated. The system will be updated with the job costing structure (phase codes and category codes) as well as the itemized budget (estimated dollars and units where applicable) for all the items identified in the estimating process.


An import file is used to automatically bring the information into the CMiC system. The file can be created as an export from an estimating system in a CSV format or can be done in excel and saved as a CSV formatted file.


The steps for Job Budget Creation are as follows:


  • Create bid job/project This can be done either by entering the project or by using an opportunity already setup in the system and assigning it a Bid Job Number.


  • Import estimate file to share the detailed budget information you would now import the original estimate into the bid items screen for that bid job.


  • The estimate upload will populate the bid items and their link to the job cost code structure and thus create an opening Job Cost Budget. This will allow you to have comparative analysis on the job and be able to move on to the next integrated process.

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