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Eliminate Inefficiencies

Using different systems to handle project data leads to massive inefficiencies that can seriously affect not only the outcome of the project but also the financial stability of your company.  The chance of errors increases each time data is entered into the system, and using a separate software application for project management, another for accounting and a third for project controls triples the odds that data will be incorrectly entered.  The time spent checking and re-checking data rivals the time spent consolidating the information and making sure that all the systems interact with each other.  CMiC Open Enterprise v10 overcomes this problem by integrating all project data into a single, scalable database. CMiC Project Controls takes integration further by placing all project costing applications into one master control set-up, allowing for unmatched access and control over project information, arming executives with the most reliable data to make executive business decisions.


An area that is rife with inefficiencies is project cost, revenue and budget management.  Tracking labor and monitoring labor costs, expenses and supplier and capital costs allows you to eliminate unnecessary steps in managing the project budget.  If your organization works in different states of on different kinds of projects, your company needs to create different cost philosophies to handle any and all requirements, and also be able to develop different kinds of bills and invoices. To streamline these processes and reduce the headaches involved, your software should perform these actions with minimal setup, and be able to use past project information to repeat the same process in the future.


Another area filled with inefficiencies is the bid and procurement process. Estimates need to be integrated into the system smoothly, and only an integrated system, such as CMiC Project Controls, can do this without the risk of data loss or errors.  To eliminate inefficiencies, the software system should be able to take the information from the imported estimate and issue Invitations to Bids without re-entering any data.  All RFIs, supplier and subcontractor information should be easily accessible so project executives can better manage the entire bid and procurement process.


Given the fast-paced nature of a construction project, inefficiencies occur when companies donít have full control over change management, and having full control means having a software system that allows you to understand the full scope of the work, the schedule and costs involved and have access to the most up-to-date information.  The software system should also make the communication of changes easy and instantaneous, so all project actors are kept in the loop.


Perhaps the section that suffers from the most inefficiency is forecasting.  The lifeblood of any construction organization, forecasting is often performed by multiple systems, leading to a massive waste of time spent consolidating spreadsheets and reports from different applications and exposing the organization to a high level of risk by not having reliable data to build the forecast.  To eliminate inefficiencies, forecasting should be completely integrated into the enterprise, with minimal data entry. For example, a Project Manager in the field gathers the data and enters it into the system. Back in the office, a Project Executive accesses the data immediately and can build forecast without re-entering any data, severely decreasing the chance for errors. The Project Executive can take the information and spread it out over time intervals, creating more accurate forecasts that can be used to make long-term business decisions.  All of this is done by the system, without the need to have staff and resources dedicated to stitching together spreadsheets and reports from multiple systems.


CMiC Project Controls provides all the essential tools a company needs to eliminate inefficiencies and run more productively. Covering the entire financial lifecycle of the project, CMiC Project Controls allows for unparalleled access and control over project information, arming executives with reliable data to make executive business decisions that result in hard dollar savings and tangible ROI.



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