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As a construction professional, you have experienced first-hand the uniqueness of the industry. The way a typical construction project is performed – with a General Contractor or a Construction Manager working with a Project Owner and architect and all the subcontractors and specialty contractors working together under tight deadlines and with multiple change orders– creates a unique set of business needs, and therefore, requires a unique set of business solutions.  CMiC Open Enterprise v10 is the only fully integrated software solution that is specifically designed to handle the unique business needs of the construction industry.


Generic ERP Solutions


It’s easy to see how large construction and project owner companies are attracted to generic ERP solutions.  Since there aren’t that many large-scale GCs, it’s logical to compare a large GC with a manufacturing company of similar revenue and size. On the surface this comparison works – both companies have similar accounting requirements, parallel project management terminology, and comparable IT requirements.  Dig a little deeper and the differences become apparent – a construction workforce needs to be managed differently than a manufacturing one, and the fast-paced nature of a project, with the multiple stakeholders, means that construction executives need accurate and reliable information much quicker than manufacturing executives. Managing and customizing a generic ERP solution to match the requirements that a construction company needs requires too much time and energy, and given the current economic climate, a waste of resources. 


CMiC Open Enterprise v10 is specifically designed for the construction industry. Based on over 35 years of working closely with some of the largest and most technologically progressive organizations in North America, CMiC Open Enterprise v10 has the level of financial reporting and access to information that your organization requires, and doesn’t require a large IT staff to maintain.


Non-Integrated Construction Software


The problem with other construction-specific software solutions is that they are not designed to handle the amount of transactions and information that your organization needs.  Most of these solutions handle one aspect very well – financials or project management – but sorely lack in other aspects. An accounting system designed for a small contractor can’t handle all the different business processes, technical capabilities, implementation methods and supports procedures that a large contractor requires in order to be successful.


The only construction-specific software solution that can handle all of these requirements is CMiC Open Enterprise v10. Based not only on construction business processes, CMiC Open Enterprise v10 is also scalable and flexible enough to handle any requirement. CMiC Open Enterprise v10 allows you to create different cost philosophies, generate bills in a variety of formats, comply with any accounting standard and integrate other technologies, such as BIM, planrooms and online subcontractor payment into your organization.


Using one system for project management, one system for financials, another for CRM and yet another for imaging and workflow creates multiple inefficiencies. With the data being entered multiple times by multiple parties into multiple systems, the chances for errors are astronomical. Data entered incorrectly threatens the stability of the project, and consolidating all of the information from different sources means represents a significant time and resource commitment.  A new financial system might give your organization a productivity boost, but it only lasts for a short while.  Linking multiple systems with data bridges or workarounds only gives the illusion of integration, when in reality, a lot of work happens behind the scenes to get all the pieces to fit. The PM in the field may find his that his time to enter data has been reduced, but the IT department is hard at work, making sure the information flows correctly.


CMiC Open Enterprise v10 operates on a single, scalable database. Data needs to be only entered once and it is available across the enterprise, so a PM in the field can enter project information and a member of the financials staff in the head office can access and use it.  There are no data bridges or workarounds, so companies can operate without large IT departments and focus resources on their core business – building buildings.


Homegrown Systems


Some construction companies, particularly those that are technologically progressive, survey the field of construction software choices and opt for building their own system with the false belief that it’s the best of all possible worlds.  A home grown system can meet the needs of the company and execute specific business functions the way a company wants them performed and can also provide some form of integration. The drawback to a home grown system is that it exposes your company to a high-level of risk. Placing your IT system, the tool that handles all of your financial information, in the hands of developers who move on to the next client, is not the best decision in risk management.  If the system was designed in-house, problems arise when that employee retires, moves on or is let go by the company.


The better option is to choose a reliable software vendor that is committed to offering continuing support and development.  For almost four decades, some of the largest and most technologically advanced organizations in the architectural, engineering, construction and project owner industry have placed their trust in the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at CMiC to implement and maintain a system that handles all sensitive and critical project information.  CMiC Open Enterprise v10 is the most advanced software package ever created for the construction industry, able to meet any business requirement and can create connections to outside systems, increasing interoperability and eliminating inefficiencies.




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