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CMiC Project Management

CMiC Project Management is the only application that supports the natural workflow of a project. Designed for organizations that deliver construction and capital projects, CMiC Project Management does more than simply manage projects  - CMiC PM manages day-to-day business processes smarter, faster and more effectively.

CMiC Project Management enhances project team effectiveness by improving communication and collaboration for all project stakeholders. The single database approach ensures that CMiC Project Management complements CMiC Financials, CMiC Project Controls and CMiC Experience Management to give your organization the most advanced and effective construction industry specific software solution available.

Expand collaboration by using a security controlled website that enables all project participants to enter and access data in real-time. Control all project related documents, manage all communications and receive up-to-date site information to ensure that projects remain on time and on budget.

Learn more about how one of the nationís largest employee-owned contractors, PC Construction, gains efficiencies by integrating financials, project management and CRM with CMiC software.

Read the full version of PC Construction: An All-Inclusive System


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