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CMiC Project Controls

CMiC Project Controls is the control center of the CMiC system,  and includes all of the tools a company needs to run their organization efficiently. CMiC Project Controls spans the entire financial lifecycle of a project, and groups together all mission critical applications, giving unparalleled access to and control over project information. By arming users with reliable data, CMiC Project Controls empowers executives to make informed business decisions that result in hard dollar savings and tangible ROI.

Create accurate, reliable forecasts that offer a clear picture of the project. Manage subcontractors, perform effective change management, and optimize job billing and job costing to exert greater control over your project environment.

Based on the unique needs of the construction industry and three decades of experience in providing software solutions to some of the largest and most technologically progressive construction organizations in North America, CMiC Project Controls integrates all project costing applications into one master control setup to improve efficiency and maximize productivity. 

Learn why after a few years of using a competitors' tool, the Paric Coporation found that it lacked the functionality and integration required to power them to the next level. The search for a solution that could fulfill the company's needs led Paric to choose CMiC.

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