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CMiC Financials

CMiC Financials

CMiC Financials is the most comprehensive financial management software package ever designed for the construction industry. As the backbone of CMiC Open Enterprise v10, CMiC Financials provides real-time functionality that gives your organization tangible ROI.

Decision making is improved when executives can analyze critical information in a timely manner. CMiC Financials grants users unparalleled access to financial information; from big picture overviews that can be used to judge the overall financial health of a project and your organization, to drilling down into detail for specific transactions.

CMiC Financials is integrated with CMiC Project Controls and CMiC Project Management, ensuring that financial information is sent instantly from the field back to the office, and giving project executives control over every step of the project. CMiC's full integration approach bridges the divide between operations and financials, creating an efficient, more productive organization.

CMiC Financials is designed with the unique business needs of the construction industry in mind, and improves accountability at every level of the organization. Manage  all financial information across your organization, from General Ledger to Assets. Ensure that the right people, with the right skills, are on the job with CMiC HCM. Keep your equipment fleet up and running and streamline the procurement process with CMiC Asset Management. Lower your organization's risk exposure through CMiC Corporate Risk Management and improve customer service with CMiC Customer Relationship Management

PC Construction Case Study Learn how PC Construction, one of the nationís largest employee-owned contractors, gains efficiencies by integrating financials, project management and CRM with CMiC software.


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