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CMiC Electronic Content ManagemetnWhen combined with CMiC Workflow, CMiC Electronic Content Management reduces the quantity of paper used on construction projects by digitizing documents and making digital copies available across the organization. Using OCR, Optical Character Recognition, CMiC ECM allows documents to be scanned and entered into the system without human intervention, drastically reducing the chance of data entry error. Digitization also reduces your organization's carbon footprint and moves your organization one step closer to becoming a paperless office.

CMiC Electronic Content Management draws on cutting edge digital imaging technology to equip users with the tools to create, organize, store and manage a comprehensive digital image record library.


    Features Benefits
    Create a highly functional, customized and embedded digital image library Eliminate the need for paper files by creating a digital record keeping system
    Save images in a user-defined library Decrease multiple data re-entry
    Index, catalogue and store images for easy retrieval Lower organization's carbon footprint



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