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CMiC Open Enterprise v10x

CMiC Open Enterprise v10x is totally integrated construction software solution that spans the entire construction project lifecycle, from concept to asset. The functionality encompassed by the Open Enterprise v10x solution spans the full spectrum of what is required to run successful construction projects, from Financials to Project Management, Project Controls, Electronic Content Management and Facilities Management.

CMiC Open Enterprise v10x is the most advanced construction and capital project software solution ever designed and is grounded in knowledge distilled from nearly four decades of experience developing software solutions for the world's largest AEC firms and capital project owners.



CMiC Open Enterprise v10x is a true fully integrated solution, with all mission critical information housed on a single, scalable database. Total integration is the key to success on a construction project because it reduces the need for duplicate data entry, which in turn minimizes error and increases data integrity. With Open Enterprise v10x communication between departments is increased because information flows through the enterprise in real-time, from the field to head office and back again. With Open Enterprise v10x, decision makers always have a clear picture of the status of each project and the organization as a whole.


CMiC Open Enterprise v10x operates on a flexible technological infrastructure that utilizes recent developments in XML to allow connections between CMiC and external systems. The business value of third party applications such as BIM applications and online payment modules is increased, as they are easy to integrate into the enterprise.


CMiC Open Enterprise v10x is the only complete, fully integrated construction software solution designed specifically for organizations that need to lower project costs, increase resource productivity and enhance operational efficiency. To learn more about CMiC Open Enterprise v10 and how it can help your organization, please visit our products page.

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