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Electronic Content Management 2.0

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps project stakeholders harness the power of enterprise content and deliver it to designated users in context, driving decision making, process execution, collaboration and governance. Ideally, the desktop interface for an ECM system is one that everyone in your organization familiar with, and quite frankly, one that anybody in your organization can understand with little or no training.

In CMiC ECM 2.0, we focused on making the desktop an extension of your enterprise, by building plugins with major MS office tools such as Excel, Outlook and Word that allowed us to simplify the process of document control. The new plugins allow users to physically redline contracts and track changes in MS Word or press a CMiC ECM button that allows them to save a document as a new revision. An added bonus is that the plugins are available to anybody within the construction supply chain thus eliminating the need for external collaborative websites, a huge advantage for true document control.

The MS Outlook plugin allows users to drag and drop emails into a document store, which in turn creates a searchable PDF in the system and tracks the communication record in the project file folder. Finally, the MS Excel plugin lets users use the familiar Excel user interface as the front end for major business processes within CMiC.

CMiC xDocs is the front end for all your CMiC ECM needs. Users have the option to run xDocs in a public web access portal or behind a private single sign-on security layer. xDocs also allows clients to create ‘Binders’ - collections of documents that allow users to build, modify and create interactive collections of any type of document within CMiC. This is especially useful as a litigation support tool.

CMiC Search is an enterprise search appliance that gives users full search capability in all attachments as well as the metadata associated with attachments throughout the enterprise. CMiC Search maintains the exact same security matrix that users already have in existing CMiC applications, meaning a given user’s search results are determined by their permissions.

The final component of CMiC ECM 2.0 is the Viewer application. CMiC Viewer is a redlining and markup engine for drawings and other documents that does not require a plugin, and is based on an open sourced project called Flex Paper. CMiC Viewer user HTML5 markup language and is tablet enabled.

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